Beyonce’s Ex-drummer’s ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ Case Dismissed

Beyoncé won’t be hit with any witchcraft-related restraining orders.


According to The Blast , a judge threw out the case of Bey’s former drummer Kimberly Thompson, who accused the singer of harassing her with “extreme witchcraft.”

Thompson’s initial request for a protective order was denied in Los Angeles Superior Court back in September, pending the results of a hearing.

That hearing was Thursday, Oct. 11 and the case was tossed after neither Thompson nor any representative of Beyoncé appeared in court.

Thompson had worked as the singer’s drummer for seven years and accused her in the filing of practicing “dark magic” and “spells of sexual molestation.” She also accused the singer of killing her kitten.

“This has been a complete nightmare. I’ve been absolutely, brutally abused by her trying to control everything I’m doing,” Thompson said in an interview with DailyMailTV.

She told the publication that Beyoncé cursed her cat, eventually having it killed after she got rid of the cat per the advice of several psychics.

“Every time I came home from work to rest, I was just being abused to the point where I’m still healing from a scratch on my rib cage,” Thompson said. “It drew blood, it was awful. It was so manic and gnarly that I ended up calling two psychics. I got the word from the first psychic and I didn’t want to believe it.”

In an interview with Noisey, practicing witch Sarah Lyons compared Thompson’s accusations to European witch trials.

“These are all pretty serious accusations, magically induced or otherwise, and I personally don’t want to think Queen B is responsible for any of them,” Lyons said.

“However, they are pretty much the same things witches have been accused of for centuries. During the early modern period witches were accused of causing havoc in people’s lives, breaking up relationships, killing animals, and ruining crops, the 17th century equivalent of stealing a computer hard drive.”

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