Cardi B’s 26th Birthday Gift Came In Gold & Platinum

If someone told Cardi B four years ago that by her 26th birthday she would have released a debut album and every single song (except one) on the tape would go gold or platinum, she probably would have said “okurrrr” and walked away – or maybe not – who knows.

Either way, Cardi has just achieved the latter and she’s just as happy, excited and proud as any Bardi Gang members would be.

Cardi hit up Instagram and shared the news in all caps detailing how it’s the best birthday gift ever. “HAPPY AND PROUD TO SAY THAT EVERY SONG ON MY ALBUM BESIDES MONEY BAG IS CERTIFIED GOLD, PLATINUM AND MORE !!!!! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING !!! BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER !!!TAAAAALKKK ABOUTT IT BITCH!!!” she wrote.

As for real gifts for her birthday, Cardi told fans what she really wanted: sex with her husband, Offset. “I might act up but I don’t give a fuck. I want my husband to fuck me in 30 different positions. I want that n***a to flex me like a New York pretzel,” she said.

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