Kanye West Returns To Twitter, Claims He Is The “Best Living Recording Artist”

Kanye West deleted his social media pages a week ago, but as expected, he has returned.


‘Ye is currently in Africa working on new music for the delayed Yandhi album, and he jumped back on Twitter on Saturday (October 13) to share a calm and measured (for Kanye’s standards at least) speech about mind control, social media, legends, and politics.

“I just want to talk about mind control,” begins Kanye from what appears to be a hotel room. “When people try to influence you through social media, and try to tell you what to do.

Or if you post something that’s like positive on Instagram and it gets taken down, if it’s not a part of a bigger agenda, you know. That’s like mind control.”

After claiming that when people try to influence him it feels like they are physically invading his brain, ‘Ye goes on to attack the agendas put forth in the media.

“You gotta question when people get on TV shows and… who all are they doing business with?” ‘Ye questions. “What are they connected to? What’s they agenda?”

West continued on to claim that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told him the social media site is currently working on a way for users to hide their likes and followers.

Just when West begins to touch on relevant topics though, he veers off to begin calling himself the best recording artist alive and reassures himself that everyone is in love with him.

The positive mantras and Ugandan environment seem to be working for ‘Ye, who looked less agitated and riled up than usual.

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