Waje Reveals She Is Open To Having Plastic Surgery

Singer, Waje, is regarded as one of the sexiest women in the Nigerian music industry. Tall and blessed with curves in the right places, the I Wish singer is a sight for sore eyes any day.


However, the singer revealed to Sunday Scoop that she wouldn ’t mind going under the surgeon’s knife to get a slimmer look.

She said , “I don’ t know the favourite part of my body; but on a second thought, I can say my voice. (As regards cosmetic surgery), I have learnt never to say never! I am definitely open to it. Maybe , I would want to be slimmer. I’m not someone who condemns what other people do (with their bodies).”

Recently, the singer was also accused by a girl who worked as her personal assistant. She claimed that Waje overworked her without paying her.

Reacting to the incident, Waje told
Sunday Scoop, “What I learnt from that experience is that before I work with anybody, they have to sign a non -disclosure agreement, and that work should not be mixed with anything.

If you don’t get the job done, then there ’s no need for you to be in that space.”

Revealing her secret fantasy, Waje said , “My secret fantasy will be me living in the countryside away from civilisation and not having to worry about having so much money in my account.

I also mentor youths and a lot of people come to me for help with school fees and other things; and it often breaks my heart that I’m not able to help as much as I would have wanted to.”

Speaking on how celebrities can help to build peace in society, Waje said , “Entertainers are blessed to be voices that people listen to. People follow us for different reasons and we affect culture.

Basically, mirroring the things we want to see in society also helps people to see that there is an opportunity for the country to be peaceful and for citizens to see that there is a chance for a better Nigeria.

Being examples of the kind of things we want to see is a very important way to build peace in society.”

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