Woman Falls To Her Death While Taking A Selfie From A Balcony

A 27-year-old woman identified as Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo who went over a balcony railing to take a snap has fallen to her death.

Taking A Selfie

The woman fell from the 27th floor of a high-rise block as she loses her balance while taking a selfie.

Sickening video footage showed her still holding the selfie stick as she plunged to the ground below.

An onlooker filming the tragedy shouted: ‘She’s mad, there she goes, look at her, look at her, she’s fallen.’

Paramedics rushed to the scene, a building called the Luxor Tower in a popular neighbourhood of Panama City called El Cangrejo after the alarm was raised.

The woman, initially identified as a Portuguese holidaymaker who had just arrived in Panama although a woman describing herself as a friend later took to social media to say she was a mother-of-two who had gone to the country to work as a teacher, was already dead when they arrived.

Construction workers on a neighbouring tower block are said to have yelled at her to get down from the railing she was half-sat on before her death plunge, but strong winds blowing at the time meant she couldn’t hear their warning cries.

Local reports said the incident was still under investigation, but police were focusing on the theory that a gust of wind may have knocked her off balance.

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