Sony Confirms Play Station Users Can Now Change PSN Name In Style

Rumours circulated last week that suggested Sony plan to roll out a PSN ID change service in the near future – but the tech giant has now confirmed this long awaited feature.


We all have regrets, but giving yourself a daft Gamertag or PSN name is one of the biggest any gamer has. Xbox users got away with it, though, as Microsoft always allowed a quick change for a small fee.

The same can’t be said for PlayStation users, however. PS3 and PS4 players have never been able to alter their ridiculous name. Up until now, anyway.

According to the PlayStation Blog, users will see this feature rolled out early 2019. The Online ID Change will start as a BETA for those registered as testers in the PlayStation Preview Program.

The Preview will allow players to change their name for free once, but after that it well set you back €9.99/£7.99. Any further changes will cost €4.99/£3.99.

And so your mates don’t forget who you are, or if your online buddies only know you by your PSN name, anyone who purchases a new ID can display their old one next to it. I guess MileyFan998 will, most likely, ignore this feature.

What do you think about this news? Will you be changing your ID? What’s the worst Gamertag or PSN you’ve ever had? Let us know.

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