Woman Who Received Dead Soldier’s Heart Says She’s Developed Cravings For Beer After Transplant

A woman who says she received the heart of a dead soldier says she has developed strange cravings for beer and and other strange traits after the transplant.

Dead Soldier’s Heart

Sheron Williamson who was diagnosed with giant-cell myocarditis, a rare disorder where the heart is inflamed, received a new heart rumoured to be from a soldier who died from injuries sustained in the Iraq War.

When she awoke from the operation, she started experiencing strange, unexplained symptoms.

She began craving beer – something she hated – and could not shift the smell of damp woolly socks for over a year.

The 50-year-old believes those unusual side-effects were down to ‘wearing somebody else’s heart’.

She told the Sunday Mercury:

When I woke up, there were wires all coming out of me – and all I could smell was wet woolly socks.

Apparently. I was screaming that I wanted a beer. It’s all I kept saying.

Eventually, a member of my family was able to bring me a can of beer into the ward, and I just spat it out.

Who knows, but perhaps it was because I was wearing a soldier’s heart that I was getting his cravings.

All I could smell was those socks for about a year, but thankfully it’s faded now.

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