2-Year-Old Boy Dies After Falling Into Septic Tank

A two-year-boy, Nathaniel Adams, has died after falling into a pit at 81 Atimbo Road in Calabar Municipal local government area of Cross River State.


The incident occurred on Wednesday when the deceased mother brought him from Navy Barracks in Atimbo to visit her siblings who reside in the compound.

An eyewitness, Martina Akpan said, “The deceased mother brought the victim to the compound to visit her siblings who are staying in the compound on that fateful day before the boy went to the back of the house where he fell into a pit dug for collection of bath water.

“The boy’s mother was in the room talking with the younger sister without taken cognizance that the boy had left the room to the back of the house.

“The boy fell into that pit and had consumed much of the dirty water before he was discovered and rushed to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital but it was already too late because nothing could be done for him anymore as he was declared dead.

“We are also aware that the Naval Officer who is the father of the victim has been warning the wife to stop coming to our compound for reasons best known to him but the wife did not heed that warning until this incident occurred.

“The father of the victim has even promised to relocate from Atimbo road so that his wife will stop coming to our compound but they are her siblings and this has been causing serious feud between both of them overtime but this tragic incident has stopped the woman from coming to the place.

“It is quite unfortunate because if she had listened to her husband the little boy would have still been alive but only God understands why it happened,” he stated.

When correspondent visited the compound, a relative who didn’t want his name mentioned, said he has not been himself since the death of little Nathaniel but declined further comment on the mater.

“I am not in a right state of mind to talk about the little boy’s death because I have not been myself since his demise in that tragic manner but I will refer you to my sister who was at home with the mother when the incident happened; I have nothing further to say” he said.

Meanwhile, the police in the state were yet to speak on the development at the time of this report.

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