Man Compares Photo Of The Ooni’s New Wife Crossing A Spill Of Blood And The Biblical Story Of The Passover

A photo of the Ooni’s new wife, Olori Moronke crossing a spill of blood went viral yesterday (Read here)  and as expected, it sparked controversy.

Olori Moronke

The new Olori who is an Evangelist had to cross a spill of blood which is said to be animal blood, as one of the necessary rites before moving to the palace.

As Nigerians continue to react, we stumbled upon this very interesting comparison of the photo and the biblical story of the Passover, a Facebook user, Wale Adekile shared on the platform.

He wrote:

“The first image is right because it’s Jewish and it’s a biblical story. The second image is wrong because it’s a traditional African thing. After all, anything African is evil just as they told us”.

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