Woman Loses Two 5-Year-Old Children To Fire Accident After Allegedly Locking Them While Visiting Lover

The incident occurred on Sunday when fire engulfed the house from a candlelight. The 5 years-old twins were sleeping inside the house on the fateful day.


According to DailyPost, the mother of the siblings left the house on Sunday night with a view to visiting her male friend.

An eyewitness who gave his name as Umo Okon said “The woman had been leaving her house every night to visit her male friend and there was no public power supply.

“She lit a candle stick and left it in the house. Unfortunately, the candle burnt out and the house went aflame. The children were burnt to death.

“The deceased were twins and they are five years each. The neighbourhood were not happy with her and they almost lynched her,” Okon stated.

The eyewitness alleged that the woman was in the habit of leaving her house every night to visit numerous male friends, adding that when the incident occurred, people were not happy with her.

“I can’t confirm whether she is a single mother or not, but what I know of her is that those children were twins, boys and five years each,” he stated.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Ms Irene Ugbo said the incident occurred on Sunday night.

“The story we gathered was that she normally leaves her house and slept outside. Sometimes it was alleged she slept with her boy or man friend.

“On that particular night, Sunday, she left her house as usual and locked the children in with candlelight on when power holding seized the supply.

“The children were twins and five years each. Neighbours almost lynched her but police rescued her. She is in our custody (Police). Her name is Mrs Effiong” she stated.

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