WWE Star, Roman Reigns Gives Up Title After Revealing That He Is Battling Leukaemia

WWE star, Roman Reigns has given up his Universal Championship title after revealing he’s battling leukaemia.

Roman Reigns

The reigning champion made the announcement, making it clear that it wasn’t a “retirement speech”, in the ring at Monday Night Raw.

He told fans that he had been diagnosed with the disease 11 years ago but was in remission and unfortunately it’s back which means he can no longer “be that fighting champion”.

Thereafter, he laid the WWE Universal Championship belt in the center of the ring, relinquishing it and apologizing to the WWE Universe for not fulfilling his promise to be a “working champion”, and promised to be back right after he ‘whoops cancer’s ass again’.

After his emotional address, he was given a hug by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, his partners from The Shield wrestling group.

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