(VIDEO) Fake Mad Woman Makes Shocking Revelation After She Was Caught Picking Used Pads

A woman who disguised as a mad woman has confessed that she picks and sells used sanitary pads to suspected ritualists after she was nabbed by residents.

Fake Mad Woman

A Facebook user, Henry Chidon Button Hand who posted the video of the fake mad woman confessing after she was caught, wrote:

“Beware of mad people around you…we just catch this woman this night at our street..picking children’s Pampers and women pad….she has been living here for so many years nobody knows the business she was doing until today…thank God for today and God will always exposed the evil once..Amen”

In the video circulating online, the woman who made her confession in Igbo language said that she picks the used diapers and sanitary pads which she sells to an unknown group of men.

She said when ever they come with their vehicle, she loads the bag of items she had already picked in their booth before she is paid.

She also confessed that she has given the unidentified men many bags of the used items during the course of the business.

Watch the video below:

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