Next Season Of “Power” Might Be The Last, 50 Cent Hints

Last season of Power had so many twists and turns that we made sure to detail for you on a weekly basis.


With a few shocking character deaths, betrayals and superstar cameos, the last season brought viewership to new highs as the show continues to be one of the most popular series on television.

50 Cent has been spending more time in the director’s chair as he teases the upcoming season on Instagram, getting people hyped for what’s to come. However, his most recent tease appears to be hinting that Season 6 will be the last.

Curtis Jackson has been posting frequently from the set of Power and many of his uploads have been getting fans excited for the new batch of episodes to start airing.

While there’s still some time before the Starz series goes back into regular programming, we’re being prepared for the fact that the upcoming season may be the last.

The show’s producer posed alongside one of the main stars, Joseph Sikora, and asked his fans a question in the caption. “So What if l told you next season ls the last Season POWER,” inquired the entertainer. “What would you say to me?” he continued.

It’s very possible that 50 is just trying to get the people riled up, thinking of ways the series could end when it’s time for an eventual series finale.

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