Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Acquire New Mansion Worth $13.5 Million

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been all over the news this year.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

The two individuals are making major moves by themselves with Trav dropping his most successful album to date and Kylie building her near billion-dollar empire.

As a couple, they’ve welcomed their daughter Stormi Webster into the world, making several public appearances along the way.

The two look to be thriving in their new roles as parents, leading many to believe that marriage could be on the horizon.

Before that, Kylie and Travis are getting ready to pack up their belongings and move into a new space because they’ve just bought a new mansion in Beverly Hills.

The pair has been adding up real estate inventory throughout the last year but they’re looking to move into a new home in the Hills, dropping a nice $13.45 million on the property.

According to TMZ, La Flame and his Kardashian girlfriend are listed as co-owners on the home, meaning that they likely split the costs.

At this point, $7 million isn’t much to either of them. The publication published a series of photos of the house, overlooking some seriously beautiful views of Los Angeles.

This is the first property that Travis and Kylie own as a couple and it’s luxurious as all hell with a 2,300 square foot master bedroom, a gym, massage room, multi-car garage, and more amenities. Take a look at the photos here.

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