Tim Cook Unveil New iPad Pro, Mac Mini And MacBook Air

Today, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has announced a bunch of new versions of the same products: the MacBook Air, the iPad Pro and the Mac Mini.

iPad Pro

First, the MacBook Air. The message of their reveal of the new light-as-air laptop is that it’s still light and thin, but it also has the features that some of their thicker computers had in the past. It will cost $1199 and will apparently have more bass-friendly speakers.

Next is the Mac Mini, which was given a much better ad, in which the Mac Mini descends from space, looking very grand, but comes to a funny,  anticlimactic landing on a desk beside a monitor. It will run you $799.

Last but certainly not least is the new iPad pro, which looks very pro indeed. Although it’s impossible to judge before using it, they make the thing look damn good, employing some very romantic phrases to describe the tablet, like this poetic gem: “your left feeling like you’re essentially holding light.” Portable light will only cost you $799, but that price includes 102 magnets so you can stick accessories on it and also the new iPad is “faster than %92 of portable PCs.”


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