61-Year-Old Man Arrested After Cops Find 514 Pounds Of Marijuana In His Car

The 61-year-old man was stopped by the police for a regular traffic violation but when he pulled over, they discovered that they were dealing with something else, He was travelling with 514 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle.

514 pounds

It’s beyond me how one manages to fit so much cannabis in a car. You would think the whip would smell like a grow house at that point so it makes sense he would be stopped.

It all took place in Missouri when police and their staff dogs discovered the over-500 pounds of weed in the car, arresting Martin for drug trafficking and possession of a controlled substance.

The cops posed for a photo with their discovery, proudly posting up next to an insane amount of pot. Y’all think they kept some?

In other marijuana-related news, Thailand is looking to become the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis. Since we’re on the topic, check out our “How To Roll” with Internet Money here.

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