Ariana Grande Blasts Pete Davidson After He Jokes About Their Failed Engagement

Pete Davidson made a few jokes at his then-fiancée’s expense.


We all remember the “birth control” statement when Pete said he had switched out her contraceptive pills with tic-tacs. Ariana seemed unbothered by all of the attempts at humor while she was engaged to the comedian.

After all, it’s his job to be funny. However, she seems to have switched up now that they’re no longer a thing.

During a promotional clip for the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson jokingly proposed to musical guest Maggie Rogers as Jonah Hill stood between them. When she turned him down, Davidson was quick to note that he was now 0-3 when it comes to his attempts at marriage.

While some would agree that it was pretty witty, Ariana seems to believe that he shouldn’t be using their failed relationship as a means to elicit laughter. She tweeted after the video aired, “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh. thank u. next.” The messages were later deleted but people were quick to grab their screenshots.

After the couple’s break-up last month, it appears that they aren’t entirely on the best terms. Grande has a close eye on what’s going on so maybe Pete will want to rethink addressing his relationship issues next time.

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