Thailand Set To Become 1st Asian Country To Legalize Marijuana

According to Agence France-Presse, the country of Thailand is taking steps to legalize, and thereby decriminalize Marijuana.


If passed, the motion would make them the first country in Asia to adopt such a policy.

The country, after all, an abundant producer of Marijuana, but evidently, it only benefits the shadow economy, at present.

The proposal set before parliament in Thailand wouldn’t allow the full-scale use of cannabinoids in a recreational capacity. “Smokers” would be required to gain “medical” clearance to use the “drug” on a prescription basis.

The bill stresses the importance of this exceptional rule, in spite of the fact Thai harvesters are sitting on a goldmine.

With or without the landmark ruling coming to pass in Thailand, the Global cannabis industry is expected a gross GDP of $55.8 Billion by the year 2025. The Thai government has a lot to gain by their changing policy at the domestic front.

Just last month, the Canadian government led by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party passed legislation to legalize marijuana, in order to capitalize of such a rapidly expanding industry. Trudeau has on record stated, he has no desire to “smoke the pot.” Riddle me that.

Back in the 80s, Thailand was one of the greatest exporters of Marijuana on the black market.

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