Kim K Calls Ray J A “Pathological Liar” Following Ugly Sex Claims

According to The Sun, Ray J couldn’t keep his lip sealed about former partner Kim Kardashian while making the rounds in London, England.

Ray j

The R&B singer was out promoting his new single “Right on Time” at a media event when things got too personal for comfort.

An intoxicated Ray J then allegedly began exposing his ex’s sexual proclivities, including an assertion that Kardashian once owned a Louis Vuitton trove full of sex toys.

Ray J also claimed that Kim Kardashian would spend in excess of $100,000 solely on G-String underwear, just to suit her fancy.


As you must be aware, news travels fast. Kim Kardashian’s response to Ray J’s inconsequential claims was to simply state the obvious: that he may very well be a pathological liar. The plausible existence of Kim’s box of trinkets did exist isn’t at all shocking.

But what makes Ray J’s assertions so ridiculous is that, yes, he’s still fixated on the past – and secondly he appears to be claiming some kind ownership over her sexual awakening, which I find troubling.

In any case, Kim Kardashian is so emotionally removed from the situation that she can barely hold her laughter.

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