Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Trolls Kevin Hart On Instagram

For Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, poking fun at each other is nothing new. They’ve been friends for years, and when they first met it was love (and play-hate) and first sight.


As Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter:

We met each other for the first time probably two or three years ago at an awards show, but we always knew we wanted to work with each other.

Since working with him I can honestly tell you that I’ve never had this type of brotherly chemistry with anyone that I’ve worked with and it’s a cool thing.

If we never do another movie again, then I know I got a brother for life who I have this crazy chemistry with. It’s like having a brother. We talk shit to each other. We give each other shit. We compete with each other but we have fun.

The first worked together on Central Intelligence and later on the remake of Jumanji. Since working together their playful friendship has flourished with videos like this one surfacing pretty often:

The latest jab comes from The Rock, who posted a photo on Instagram of him holding a child with Kevin Hart’s faced pasted on, mocking snack-size-Denzel’s stature. The point, this time, was to pull out the vote for the midterms which are happening at the time of writing.

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