It Ain’t Over Until One Of Us Gone ~ 50 Cent Tell Ja Rule

Last week, 50 Cent allegedly copped two hundred Ja Rule tickets, for the sole purpose of thinning out the visible crowd.

Ja Rule

Yesterday, Ja Rule claimed to have started a riotous chant of “Fuck 50 Cent,” further proof the animosity extends to their respective fanbases.

In any case, the disrespect was not lost on 50, who took to Instagram to issue an ominous prophecy of sorts.

“South Side rules apply, it’s never over,” writes 50. “We may take a break, but it ain’t over till one of us is gone. Get the strap.” This is, of course, in response to Ja Rule’s original offer: “#PULLUP.”

Clearly, the men share an intertwined fate, destined to be hurling threats and petty barbs when black hair has greyed and muscles have atrophied.

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