Audu Maikori Shares His Experience As He Meets Internet Sensation Speed Darlington In New York

Chocolate City music executive, Audu Maikori shared a photo from his meeting with internet sensation, Speed Darlington and according to Audu, ‘like him or not you can’t ignore him’.

‘so I finally met the controversial and talented Speed Darlington. My sister Amina Maikori put me on to him over a year ago! And she also wrote a brilliant article about the stickiness of his brand. How he’s cleverly worked his way into our minds and hearts, like him or not you can’t ignore him.

Indeed he gave me one of the most inspiring lines I have heard this year. He said “Dont let society tell you what you can or cannot do. Don’t allow them tell you that you can only do one thing.. it’s not true,you  can be anything you decide we want to be, if you work hard on it. That’s why  I am always busy , always on the move I like to go home very exhausted everyday. You rest when you die , until then… everyday is for the grind“. Remember even Diddy  says he was inspired by him’.

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