Quilox Anniversary And 36 Hour Party; Gold”En” December

The biggest nightlife brand in Africa is at it again doing things the Quilox way with 2 phenomenal events this December. On the 20th of December Quilox will be 5,we started at the top and we still here ,it’s been five years of setting and breaking records, 5 years of luxury lifestyle experiences, 5 years of nothing but the best . Our dominance is centered on our friends and loyal customers, so we are pulling all the stops to celebrate the brand along with each and everyone one of you.

Quilox AnniversaryWhen Quilox throws it down you know what to expect with the biggest performances straight from Africa, we live likes its golden and December is about to be a Gold”en”. .Join us as we celebrate Quilox 5000 “The chronicles of luxury.

Quilox AnniversaryOn the 22nd of December in continuation of the Quilox 5000 celebration we bring you the sequel of the record breaking 24hr party. We embark on a unique journey that will keep everyone on their feet for 36 straight hours.36 hours of nonstop music with 30 of the biggest DJs in Africa. Last year was epic, this year expect the unexpected because we are going above and beyond to give you the experience of a life time.

Quilox AnniversaryThe last man standing at the end of 36 hours goes home with 1 million naira. Other side attractions include spin the wheel, pajamas party, Quilox unplugged, dance competition and many more.

Luxury night life brand Quilox will leave everyone shook and hold Lagos spell bound.

I don’t think you are ready for this?Quilox Anniversary

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