Kanye West Is “Drug Free” And “So Thankful” For 2019 Blessings

 Kanye West wants to enter 2019 on a positive note.

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The rapper took to Twitter on Sunday to reflect on how he’s closing out the year.

“We’re super happy. 2018 was so beautiful,” Ye wrote in a series of tweets. “I got to be myself and nobody had to ‘let me.’ I’m drug free and my spirit is connected.”

West, who has been open about having bipolar disorder , recently revealed he’s  “off medication”

“No weapon formed against us shall prosper,” he continued. “We feel soooo much love. So much good energy. So much good will.”

West went on to claim he’s “stronger than ever” and that “we are stronger than ever,” possibly referencing his relationship with Kim Kardashian . He also looked back on all of his projects.

“New designs new music new ideas renewed spirit,” he continued. “We changing everything [every day] the vision is crystal. Refresh.”

It looks like he’s optimistic about 2019, too—noting how “we’re already so thankful for the blessings in order.”

“Everything happens for a reason,” he continued. “We feel the love.”

He also took a moment to acknowledge his followers and fans who stuck by him throughout the this past year.

“We appreciate all the real ones who made it through 2018 with us,” he wrote. “Thank goodness for all of our fans and supporters. Even the haters haters are fans too.”

It certainly has been an eventful year for West. There were many high points, including welcoming his third child ,Chicago West,, with his wife via surrogate and  releasing new music. However, there were low points, too, including receiving backlash for his  political rants  and comment about slavery.

In the end, it seemed like a fan’s tweet summed it up best.

“Being a kanye fan this year has been a rollercoaster,” one follower wrote in a post retweeted by West, “but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I’ve made so many friends and interacted with so many great people. thank you to Ye for bringing us together.”

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