R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slaves Filmed Cheering At His 2016 Concert

R. Kelly’s alleged sex slaves were reportedly filmed at front and cheering at his 2016 concert, as confirmed in a video shared by TMZ.

R. Kelly's alleged sex slaves filmed cheering at his 2016 concert lailasnews

R. Kelly’s alleged sex slaves identified as Joycelyn Savage, Dominique Gardner and Azriel Clary, stood next to each other in clear view of Kelly while he was onstage. The woman who recorded the clip shouts, “Tell your father come over here” … because she thought the girls were young, but it was gathered they were 18 or older at that time.

However the 3 women who appeared on the “Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries, claimed that R. Kelly held them against their will. From the video however, it seemed the ladies were thoroughly — and voluntarily — enjoying themselves at the concert.

From the “Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries, It was learnt that Dominique’s mother convinced her to flee from Kelly. Joycelyn and Azriel are still living with him. Joycelyn has often said on camera that she’s fine. Meanwhile, Azriel’s family has reported her as a missing person, claiming that she has been brainwashed by the singer.


The series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” includes testimony from several women who accuse the singer of abuse, as well as commentary from Mr. Kelly’s critics, including the founder of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke, and the singer John Legend.

The six episodes, each an hour long, cover the long history of allegations against Mr. Kelly. They feature women who described being controlled or abused by him, often when they were teenagers, as well as associates and relatives of the singer.

R. Kelly’s alleged former sex slave challenges him to take a live lie detector

Mr. Kelly has continuously denied the allegations against him. The documentary has become the subject of widespread attention and fierce debate on social media, with many expressing gratitude to the women who continue to tell their stories.

Here is the video below;

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  1. We need to teach our children about people lik him so they will not be so easily led into deceit. An most still will not listen , i know i would not have…

  2. IM SO SICK OF THIS ( His song I Admit ) tells a lot to the point I can relate to him. Do I think he messed with young women yes but they was of age. I was 16 and my boyfriend was 24. When I was 18 my boyfriend was 26. Being touched as a child will have your hormones higher then they suppose to the point you will become a sex addict if you don’t get help. I can remember as a child being home with my brother and a close friend of the family. When he sat me on his lap and insert his penis in me and I screamed. My brother came out the room and he told him to go back in the room. This shit hurts you everyday in your life especially when you feel you have nobody to turn too. #ISupportRKelly

    • Those girls were just that GIRLS they weren’t “of age” he’s sick and so are the men that molested you. They ALL need to be locked up.

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