R. Kelly Evicted From His Chicago Music Studio Which Featured In ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

R. Kelly has been evicted from the music studio that featured on the docuseries ‘Surviving R. Kelly‘ where he is alleged to have housed girls in his alleged ‘sex cult’.

R. Kelly evicted from his Chicago music studio which featured in

Since the premiere of the docuseries featuring R. Kelly’s alleged abusers, things have been heating up for the R&B legend and he’s facing a lot of criticisms.

Sources in direct contact to the property told Blast that R.Kelly has exactly 2 weeks to settle on thousands of dollars ($80K) in rent that he still reportedly owes or police will have full jurisdiction to enter the property and remove everything themselves.

The Chicago music studio featured in the docuseries as one of the headquarters for Mr Kelly’s alleged sex cult.


R. Kelly evicted from his Chicago music studio which featured in


An eviction lawsuit was actually filed against Kelly last July by the owner of the building but after recent news, the owner reportedly wants him gone immediately. The owner is so sure, R.Kelly won’t pay his rent that he’s already put the studio up for sale!

This news comes after his former manager James Mason was issued an arrest warrant amid reports that R.Kelly is officially under criminal investigation in Georgia.

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