5 Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas With Small Capital In 2019

That it is important to have multiple or at least two streams of income is no longer gist, how to identify and pick one that works per individual is the real matter that is up for discussion. Let’s not forget that a lot of salary earners work much longer hours than is stated on their employment letter. If COB on letter states 5pm and you carry your bag at 5:10pm, a typical employer asks if you are leaving already (lol). So for most people, it is important that the other stream of income is one that doesn’t really require their full time – say maybe a weekend gig or something they can do remotely. This article will focus on opportunities in the agricultural sector because it is fraught with so many opportunities that are largely under-explored, these ideas would work either as a full time business or as a side gig.


Let’s get to it…

 1. Fruits Selling: Nigeria is so blessed that fruits are produced all year round! Cucumber, cabbage, carrot, banana, orange, watermelon, apple, pineapple and lots more. Purchase and resale of these fruits to the public commands a high price. You can choose to package them as fruit salads delivered to offices or delivered to home in their raw states. You could even partner with smoothie companies. The prospects are vast! This is a profitable agricultural business you should consider. P.S If you have a 9-5, getting an assistant eases the stress off you.

2. Egg Distributing: Eggs are always, make that ALWAYSin demand. Asides the fact tha 7 out of 10 families consume eggs on a daily basis, there are the bakers, chefs and restaurants use eggs on a daily basis, let’s not forget the local egg roll makers! You can purchase from farms or companies like FarmAgric (www.farmagric.com) at wholesale rates and resell to make as much as N500 per crate. Consider the numbers you can generate in a week.

 3.Farm Sponsorship: This is the perfect venture for someone who wants his money to do all the work while he cashes in. Farm sponsorship simply requires a sponsor to sign up to provide some of the funds needed to cultivate farmlands while companies like FarmAgric work with farmers to produce and sell the crops and pay sponsors back their principal with interests ranging from 15 – 30% per cycle depending on crop/farm of choice. This is a fantastic venture because not only would you be making money, you’d also be contributing to the food basket of the nation. To become a FarmAgric sponsor or more information on their offerings, visit www.farmagric,comand follow them on social media on @farmagric (twitter and instagram.

4. Feed Distributing: The desire to start a poultry farm or catfish pond for start-ups continues to increase on a daily basis. A lot of people are venturing into agriculture. Both poultry and catfish dominate the livestock industry leading to an increase in feed brands across the nation. Simply sign up as a distributor with one of the various feed brands in the country and supply start ups.

 5. Chicks Distributing:Similar to feed business, sale of day-old chicks is a very lucrative agricultural business. The desire to start raising birds either on a commercial level or backyard system keeps increasing. Supplying birds to farms after collecting from the hatchery is a business that requires little capital and generates a tidy profit.





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