I’ll Continue Speaking Against Transactional Sex – Falz

Falz who held a private listening session after he released his new album ‘Moral Instruction’, stated that he hates transactional sex as he addressed the slut shaming allegation against him.


Falz who was accused of criticizing women who sleep with men and expect to be paid but having nothing to say about the men who employ the services of sex workers, stated that those who patronize women who lead transactional sex will be addressed in a new song.

He said;

Shamelessly I will continue to say, I detest transactional sex. It’s my thing, it is what I believe in. I will explain to you. The same feminist that will say the woman is free to do whatever she wants to do and also tell the woman not to put herself up for money, are the same feminists that will say the women are being objectified. Now you are the same person that is going ahead to “commodify” yourself, you turned yourself into a commodity. Self Objectification, self commodification I detest it and I will continue to detest it.

Here are the videos below and reactions to it:




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‘’I’ll continue speaking against transactional sex,” – #Falz tells feminists accusing him of slut-shaming runz girls

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