Excuses Guys Should Expect From Their Girls On Valentine’s Day – Toyin Lawani

Fashion stylist, Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah has issued out excuses which guys should watch out for from their girlfriend on the 14th of February which is Valentine’s Day.

Toyin lawani

In an Instagram post she shared, she wondered how girls who have four boyfriends would cope on the day, which is why she decided to keep guys aware of the excuses their cheating girlfriend might give them.

Toyin Lawani wrote:

“How will Girls with four Boyfriends cope tomorrow ???? Guys watchout for these—My Mom is aRound, I’m travelling To see my parents , I spend Val’s with my family, i will see you later , I Got Admitted To the hospital on Val’s day,work on Valentine’s Day??? Bitches are Busy choosing the Rich niggas, you Better Recognize,Valentine’s will be A Sad day for Broke niggas ???? Please Go and Hustle.”

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