How Poverty And A Pastor’s Advice Made A Boy Become An Imbecile – Twitter User

A twitter user has narrated the story of how the parents of a boy rendered him an imbecile due to poverty and an advice from a pastor.

How poverty and a pastor's advice made a boy become an imbecile - Twitter user


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There’s this boy I know. I’ve known him since childhood. Let’s just say he’s mentally impaired. I used to think he was born that way until last year when I found out what REALLY happened to him.


Jay was born a normal baby,and according to older people who knew him from birth, a very bright and promising child.

Then at the age of five,he fell very sick,and was diagnosed with cerebral malaria.

The doctors said it was treatable,but at the sum of 25,000 naira.

As cheap as it sounds, coughing out 25,000 in the nineties is no joke,because money had far more value then. Those were the times when we could still see 50 kobo coins still in rotation and active use.

And for a broke family, it was worse. They said they didn’t have the money.

Fortunately, Jay’s grandmother ( his mother’s mother) offered to give them the money so they could make the child better again,and gave them the 25k. Weeks passed,nobody heard from the family as to the welfare of the child.On reaching out to them,they said they were ‘handling it’

After a month,the grandmother suspected foul play,and decided to pay them a visit unannounced. To her shock,she found the boy obviously still unwell, and started asking questions.

You would not believe their answer

They said they went to a church,and a prophet told them that it’s not a hospital matter,that they just needed to pray, do deliverance, and the boy will be well.


His granny was furious. Yelled at them,asking them why they would play with the life of her grandchild. In the heat of the moment,she asked them for the money she gave them to treat the boy.


She was shocked,angry,disappointed to say the least. She left,but not before telling them that they would be responsible for whatever happened to the poor boy.

And responsible they were.

After then,they never made efforts to treat him again,as obviously they were too broke to take care of themselves, much more coughing up that kind of money on their own.

And that was how the boy became a full-on imbecile.

Today,he’s a grown young man with the brain and cognitive ability of a 1 year old. They are no longer young,but are still broke,so they have to take turns taking care of him 24/7. Someone has to be with Jay at all times,to makes sure he doesn’t ruin anything,or hurt himself.

And as all the other children are married,it’s left to the woman and her husband to do the work.

They’ve made their bed,and now they’re lying on it.


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