New Zealand Passes Bill To Ban Use Of Guns Following Recent Terror Attack

New Zealand’s government has introduced a bill to ban the types of weapons used by a terrorist to kill 50 people at two mosques.

Jacinda Arden


Police Minister Stuart Nash said Monday that if lawmakers pass the bill as expected, the new law will take effect April 12, less than a month after the March 15 attacks. The bill follows a government-imposed ban on sales of the weapons.


The bill bans “military-style” semi-automatic guns and high-capacity magazines. It also bans semi-automatic shotguns that can be fitted with detachable magazines and pump-action shotguns that can hold more than five rounds.


It doesn’t ban guns often used by farmers and hunters, including semi-automatic .22-caliber or smaller guns that hold up to 10 rounds, or shotguns that hold up to five rounds.

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