Simi Shares Her Opinion On Yahoo boys, Tells Them To Stop Buying Her Music

Popular Nigerian songstress, Simisola, has shared her opinion on internet fraud. The singer explained that Nigerians need to change their mindset about Yahoo boys if we want the world to look at us different. The singer expressed that internet fraud is wrong and there is no way around making it look good. She advised people to try and change the mind of those involved in internet fraud if they cannot report them. Simi said the only way to change the way the world addresses Nigerians is if we decide to change ourselves and encourage others to do so too.

The singer, who shared her thoughts on a live video she shared on Instagram, was challenged by a fan who told her that Yahoo boys are the ones buying her songs and watching her videos on YouTube.

Simi further expressed that she does not understand why people would glorify what is wrong when some of the same internet fraudsters gain their wealth by using charms on unsuspecting victims. The singer also used an incident where someone she knows stated that Yahoo boys are still working as an excuse to rationalise what they do.

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