I Promised My Mum I Won’t Act Pornography – Charles Okocha

Charles Okocha to an extent has cemented his name as an household brand in the Nollywood scene.


The popular actor and Instagram comedian, has spent over a decade in the Nigeria movie industry, excellently playing different roles except anyone involving nudity. He is known for his crazy yet comical interpretation of roles, which stands him out as an actor.

However, during the week, the actor otherwise known as “Igwe Tupac” posted a controversial snippet of his recent project on his Instagram page. In the video, he was seen to be seemingly having hardcore sex with a lady after promising her N50,000 for her service. Apparently, the lady in the video could not take his energy, so she stopped, rejected the money and left the room.

While speaking with Saturday Beats, the actor and rapper made it clear that he would never endorse pornography or feature in such a movie due to a promise he made to his mother.

He said, “There is no way I can feature in a pornographic movie or act nude because of my mother and the way I was raised. My mother supports me in everything I do but what I promised her was that I was not going to feature in such movies. That is something I would never do because of my mother. I can act crazy roles and even appear half naked by wearing briefs but I can never be stark naked in a movie.

“People have a right to their opinion but I am not endorsing pornography in Nollywood. I portray any role that is given to me professionally and that is what makes me an actor. As long as the producers that pay me to do a job are happy with my work, then I am okay. My true fans understand that it is just make-believe and I do not see why people should be mad about it.

“Why should I promote soft pornography? I have two children – male and female. I am a responsible father. I am a realist so when I am given a job, once I am sure that it is the right thing to do, I do it very well. I see no reason why people should get worked up over something they ought not to get worked up about. Before I put up the post, I made people know that it was from a movie scene and it is my profession so I see nothing wrong in posting it and asking people to wait till the movie is out because it is an interesting one. I see nothing wrong in what I posted because people did not see me stark naked, all they saw was an impression of me having sex aggressively with a lady. It is just make-believe.”

The video seemed to cause a rift online, especially because it was uploaded in the holy month of Ramadan, in response to that, the actor claimed some fans still wanted him to expose his private parts, “If you go through the comments people posted after I uploaded that video, you would see where some people were asking why I was not stark naked. Some said that it was the reason why they like foreign movies because those ones would expose their bodies. The truth is that you cannot please everybody,” he said.

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