I Learned Too Late That Feminism Is A Scam – US Activist Candace Owen

US activist, Candace Owen has revealed that she learned too late that feminism is a scam which is about tearing women down and rendering them unhappy.

Candace Owen

Today, she says she’s 55, unmarried and past the age where she can have children. She now has to take medicine to keep her happy. According to her, that is the scam of feminism which she fell victim to.

She said many more explosive things which can only be heard when the video in the link below is watched.

While Candace Owen says Feminism is a scam, our own former Miss Nigeria Ezinne Akudo, weighed in on the controversy surrounding feminism and its acceptance in Nigeria.

According to Former Miss Nigeria Ezinne Akudo, some might be scared of identifying with feminism because of fear of being disliked or perceived as angry or maybe they just don’t understand the movement at all, however feminism is simply the belief that men and women should have equal access to rights and opportunities.

She wrote:

For the record, each time you say you’re not a feminist, this is what you’re saying:
1. You do not believe that men and women should have equal access to rights and opportunities.
2. You support child marriage, female genital mutilation and the re-victimisation of rape victims.
3. You are comfortable with earning less than your male colleagues for doing the same work.

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