Everything Fashion; Fashion As A Culture Imbibed By A Special Few – Introduction

Everything Fashion – Introduction:

The ability to see beauty in anything unconventional, lies in the bizarre passion for style and art. – Tosan Koyé (2019)

everything fashionWe are what we eat, drink, think, and wear, and our daily fashion discovery should speak of our personal style unconditionally. In other words, what we choose to do with fashion defines us as being silver- tongued or bland.

No wonder, fashion is the subject of so many memorable soundbites, those passionate about all things ostentatious.

It is undoubtedly a lifestyle worth embracing, and if not netted could project the ugly side of anything. For instance, the cup used in taking coffee or water, the table used in homes and offices, the spoon used in eating and sipping soups, the plate used in dining, including the interiors used in every building are highly expected to be fashionable in this age and time, as it embraces comfort and give a sense of sanity, conception, and clarity on cyclic behaviors.

A member of a household may be displeased by what he/she might have gone through for the day, but a stylish home built for convenience could replace the discomfort, through modish interiors put in place and beautiful centerpieces that furnish a feel of bliss and euphoria. Fashion is Life!

About Author:

My name is Tosan Koyé and I am a FASHION PRACTITIONER based in Lagos. Just like people practice law, I practice fashion and style. My dream is to make the unimaginable imaginary, through the brands I influence.

Instagram/Twitter : @naija_genius. Facebook: @koyestyle

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