Quote Me Not; A Series of Stories, Views and Reviews – An Introduction by The Arubayi Keme

He woke up that morning knowing he had to write, he had so many stories to tell and so many feelings to express but when he finally picked up his phone to write, he was blank. The stories still playing in his head, he wished his readers could walk through his mind and just see pictures and put together the pieces themselves. But then; how would he be called a writer if he doesn’t write?”

quote me notAs a writer, thinking up multiple scenarios and how they could play out in terms of presentation is one of the major causes of writer’s block. We are charged with so many unstated responsibilities that we sometimes lose it just thinking how to present the issues in writing before even attempting to. We think up an idea and how to present it and still have to worry if that is what or how the reader would like it presented. Being involved in media for almost a decade, first interning on radio, then switching to Entertainment Reporting and Writing for a Newspaper and now providing content for an Entertainment Blog; I have learnt multiple ways to express ideas, which I will be testing out as time goes on.

QUOTE ME NOT – is going to be a series of unrelated stories and write-ups. It will be brief analysis on multiple unrelated topical issues. If I think it, I’ll write about it. Do not get confused, just follow each feature as they come and allow the understanding of the concept grow.

QUOTE ME NOT – is story telling, it is expression of my ideas as a writer; my opinion on things and a representation of the angles I view various issues from. So ride with me on this journey through my mind and inner workings.

About Author:

The Arubayi Keme is a Writer, Editor, Journalist, Content Revamper and lately, a Social Commentator. Though in his mid-twenties, his media career spans over 8 years; and he prides himself in studying human behaviour and interaction.

Instagram – @thearubayikeme

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