Everything Fashion – Relatable Factors In Fashion And Culture That Contribute To Life And Style. (Part 1)

The hair we wear, clothes we rock, shoes we step in, make-up, jewelry… All contribute greatly to one’s sense of style.

everything fashion styleCulture as defined by sociologists is the total way of life of a group of people; and fashion in the same vein is a total way of life of people that have a sense of unique lifestyle carved out of the living standard of the general people.

The way a properly dressed person relates with another of his kind is relatively different from the way he relates with an unstylish mortal. This I can say; with tremendous affirmation as a Fashion Practitioner, who has successfully created an “in-group” and “out-group” in the society I live in.

People with great fashion sense, see themselves as members of the “in-group” and treat the less fashionable as the latter mentioned group. Therefore, for membership consideration into the “in-group” one must be willing to adopt fashion as a total way of life. Just like culture has its dictates for members of the society; fashion does unquestionably.

Jewelry and Fashion accessories are timeless:

According to Iris Apfel, Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.

In my own words, fashion accessories and jewelries are like classes of food to fashion. And as such must be used suitably to create a tag along yet pleasing look for dressers.

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About Author:

My name is Tosan Koyé and I am a FASHION PRACTITIONER based in Lagos. Just like people practice law, I practice fashion and style. My dream is to make the unimaginable imaginary, through the brands I influence.

Instagram/Twitter : @naija_genius. Facebook: @koyestyle

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