Peer Icon Partners Holds Bestseller, The Impact Branding Seminar

Peer Icon Partners Limited, a strategic communication company based in Lagos Nigeria, recently held Bestseller, the Impact Branding Seminar that was attended by top social media influencers in Nigeria. The goal of Bestseller is to introduce participants to the concept of “Impact Branding” as a marketing tool that will equip them with the principles needed to building a truly impactful brand generating positive returns to the society beyond being “for profit”.

Peer Icon Partners Branding Semminar
Peer Icon Partners Branding Semminar

Influencer marketing can be traced back to the early 20th century. Over time it has evolved from product-centered marketing to value-centered marketing with the rise of social media platforms and the consumer being encouraged to participate to create content of their own. With the flood of information available to the consumers, the need for social media influencers became justifiable as they exude trust through the content that they create.

Speaking at Bestseller, the facilitator, Nosa Emma-Iyamu, Principal Strategist, Peer Icon Partners, said that, “The challenge with social media influencers in Nigeria is that majority of them are not “niche” but “me-too” brands used only as media channels. Only a few can be categorized as opinion leaders and experts in a field.” He further said that, “Social Media Influencers have the potential to drive impactful change in their communities and the Nation at large; establishing a recognized brand as they do so.”

Participants at the Bestseller Impact Seminar expressed their appreciation to Peer Icon Partners; noting that the information received at the seminar was greatly needed and unmatched. Bestseller hopes to be that seminar that introduces the participants to the concept of branding as well as brand building strategies that shift from sales driven campaigns to a business model based on incorporating a social purpose.

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