Journals of Ettorah; A Plus Size Chick – What I Ordered vs Wetin Dem Give Me #NigerianTailors

Continued from here. Journals of Ettorah; A Plus Size Chick – What I Ordered vs Wetin Dem Give Me (Nigerian Tailor)

journals of ettorah a plus size chick fat tailorWhenever I have cause to sew a new dress, mentally I start to imagine all that could go wrong and how my matter will turn into “What I ordered vs What I got”.
This has led me to fabric hoarding!

Sad stuff (plus size females can relate).

Finally I built up some morale to make a few dresses, long story short out of 7 outfits I ordered she gave me only two of them and they fit so amazingly that my confidence in custom made wear returned full time….
Now wait for the plot twist!

I didn’t get the 5 other dresses until 7 months after *leemao*
Of course there had been some slight changes physically, my bust line had added and my waistline wasn’t left out, let’s just say she made these dresses for my doppelgänger!
I abandoned them in my wardrobe with an aspiration to join fit fam

*another leemao*.
Fast forward to a few weeks, my friends wedding was coming up coincidentally the colour of the event was the same as of the Cinderella dresses I rejected *the irony*
As an Igbo girl wey I be, I did some quick financial implications of what a new dress will cost and before I knew it, i was at my regular tailors place a stone throw from my residence.
On my arrival at the shop I met a mini crowd but that didn’t move me because na the same breast all of us get.
I went on to explain my plight and the solution I sort.

“Auntie that your style go hard oh”
“Make I just release the cloth allowance, you fit manage am.”
“Okay, how much you want ?”
“200 Naira go fix am”

I looked at her with amazement and suddenly I realised she rebuffed my initial idea because she felt I wouldn’t be willing to pay well enough for her labour. Dipped my hand into my pocket and handed her a mint 1,000 Naira note.

Her eyes widen as if to complain of change, I interrupted her.

“Madam I no want change,
Na you get the entire 1k.”

Her troubled stare turned into a wide grin.

“Auntie ehn, explain that first amendment wey you bin talk before.”

Everyone in the shop burst into laughter realizing what had just happened, she went on…

“Abeg stand make I re-measure you well.”
“I no wan do mistake.”

As I walked back home a Nigerian proverb struck me “money stop rubbish”.
Now whether you agree or not is a matter for you and your ancestors to debate on (no offense directly intended).

4 things I re-learnt from this ordeal:
– procrastinating a project could ruin it’s outcome.
– Be so skilled that when problems arise people trust you enough to execute a solution.
– Don’t bury your problems, seek solutions instead; you’ll be happier for it.
Please this is the most important lesson to learn today!
– Make money, have money, it stops most forms and grades of “rubbish”.

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My name is Ettorah, a plus size chick living in Lagos, trying to get a 9-5 while pushing my side hustles; a perfume store, freelance content developer gigs, a lifestyle blog and anything legit I think will make me ego (cash). Welcome to my journals of surviving and thriving in Lasgidi.

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