Nigeria Is Turning Into A Nightmare – Runtown

Following the death of a cleaner who was shot by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Runtown has taken to his Twitter page to lament the menace of SARS operatives and lend his voice to the #EndSars movement.



In his Twitter thread, he wrote;

“What exactly is going on? How is it that after the several outcries and well documented incidences we are yet to curb this menace? The people are being pushed the wall. People cannot continue to lose their loved ones like this. This has to stop! This just has to STOP!

He continued: “How many more tweets do we have to put out? How many more hashtags do we have to push? How many more protests? How many more lives do we have to lose before something is done about SARS? This is not the Nigeria of our dreams. Our country is turning into a nightmare.”

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