Journals Of Ettorah; A Plus Size Chick – Scopa Tu Mana: NYSC oh

Continued from here. Journals Of Ettorah; A Plus Size Chick – Scopa Tu Mana: NYSC oh

nysc journals of ettorah a plus size chick fat nigerian tailors“Was NYSC a curse or a blessing?”

Now before you open your mouth to answer, I’d like you to fully comprehend what these two concepts are because to understand English dey hard.

It’s been 6 whole months after and I must say the curse seems to have overshadowed whatever illusions of blessings i saw.

*sobs in egbere *

How can a full fleshed, street-smart, book-smart, socially accepted millennial like me have returned to Lagos without shingbain? And before you preach to me about saving and what not, better put into consideration the 19,800 Naira I was collecting oh, and to make matters worse I ended up working for an organization that scammed me of 3 months salary; while I spent my savings going to work for that duration ( let’s not discuss how much else or World War 3 might start.)

Truth be told a lot of Corp Members were scammed just like me, paid shikini money, exploited, under-appreciated, and left at the mercy of local government officials who refused to fight for us. But seeing as prayers is what solves Nigeria’s numerous problems, I cried while praying nude at 12 Midnight and rounded up the ceremony by ?èpé-ing (cursing) my employers with Psalm 109 (Look it up; I heard it works on scum boyfriends, cheating partner(s), yahoo boys and Yoruba demons alike; You’re welcome!)

That one year, I realized that the NYSC bye-laws so ‘ceremoniously’ given to us (Corp Members), was to protect the government, it’s institution, it’s staff and the employers while systematically leaving out ‘we’ the important factor. TBH; I’ve been expecting an outcry of some sort on “the social media” we claim to be giants of, but nothing of such has happened yet! Instead the youths are more interested in clout chasing, Twitter politics, show biz trends, BB Naija, Bet Naija and any other topic but this serious issue.

To cut this long story short; “God safe us”(If you don’t understand this mantra, then ask anyone from Nigerian twitter).

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My name is Ettorah, a plus size chick living in Lagos, trying to get a 9-5 while pushing my side hustles; a perfume store, freelance content developer gigs, a lifestyle blog and anything legit I think will make me ego (cash). Welcome to my journals of surviving and thriving in Lasgidi.

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