Everything Fashion – The Impeccable Dynamism In Dressing

Everything Fashion – The Impeccable Dynamism In Dressing.

everything fashionUpon stating that fashion does not only exist in dresses alone but in other element that serve as contributors to gorgeous looks; would you agree with me that clothing is as important as having your bath daily to keep a sane look? Yes! No! 

I smile profusely as I crack the dynamism of Iro and buba in our daily living. Stay excited! 

Speaking as a person who has traveled more often than not (locally), I can tell you that just putting on a more becoming outfit can make a huge difference in how you feel and interact with others. You would agree with me that good clothing equals top notch confidence? Oh yes!.

Upon my arrival in Osun state, precisely Oshogbo, that holds the popular merrymaking termed “Osun Festival”; it was a groove around as I understudy the typical fashionable way of dressing for women above 50years. For those who choose to be fashionable with their little exposure in current fashion, while they stay in tune with the cultural believes attached to the way a typical Yoruba woman should dress, choose to wear t-shirt on a rapper while they sway their colorful Ankara scarf and edgy eye glasses in style and also creating a blend with their specially beaded slippers that remit undying visible colors as though it were digitally created for a bill board shoot. 

So it is not about looking your best, but it is definitely about feeling good about how you feel in the dress you wear. 

Ever wondered why iro and buba(rapper and strait blouse) is never dying and generally adopted?

I promise to be precise and funky in my purporting…

This attire was famous in the 50’s into the early 80’s and in fact, the Iro was worn as a mini-skirt, to portray a symbol of the liberation of women. At some point, the style became seen by young women as “old” and was no longer regarded by young women until recently the well-known regalia sprang back into fashion and now seen as a trend that stands out. Bla! Bla! Bla! Smiles…

So if you would ask me why it’s never dying, I would say because women keeps liberating. Yes! & YES!

Iro and buba are full rapper ensemble that consist of five major garment; a blouse called buba which is loose fitted and pronounced boo-bah, the iro referred to rapper in English tied around the waist and knotted, a head tie called gele in Yoruba, iborun strategically placed on the shoulder and lastly pele which is a shorter fabric tied around the waist on top of the iro.

Fashion is life isn’t it…! More often than not, young women are faced with a common challenge of how to style their “iro and buba” without being out of place in current fashion.

Here are funky tips to creating eccentric chick style with the trend…


• Add a fashionable twist to your style by blinking your pele and iborun. This create a delighting moment of keep-looking-at-me series in an occasion and it keeps the viewers excited. 

• If your cloth is made of aso oke, make sure your gele is wide spread to create an edgy look and be sure to rock a bold jewelry both on the hand, neck, and ear!

• Instead of placing the iborun on your shoulder, you can knot it fashionably to give a Sash look. Thus, It is not a bad idea to add fringes. 

• Instead of a regular glasses, be sure to wear a bold looking shade as it adds a fashion statement to the general look. 

• Lastly, diversify into using other fabrics like denim and tweed. 

With this, you are fashionified! and stylified! haha! (Don’t quote me)

Food for thought- Could it be that the reason why your style game is not gaming is because you refuse to liberate your style… why not try something new today?

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About Author:

My name is Tosan Koyé and I am a FASHION PRACTITIONER based in Lagos. Just like people practice law, I practice fashion and style. My dream is to make the unimaginable imaginary, through the brands I influence.

Instagram/Twitter : @naija_genius. Facebook: @koyestyle

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