Quote Me Not – All The Songs Burna Boy Sampled On “African Giant”

Burna Boy’s recently released “African Giant” album seems to be the most acclaimed so far for the artiste. Coming from a background with multiple influences, it is only natural that he infuses all of those or some in his works which he  has definitely mastered over the years. His most remarkable cover yet being the 2011 remake of Angelique Kidjo’s classic “Wombolombo” – on which he featured UK Disc Jockey DJ Jam Jam – aptly titling it; “Wombolobo Something” .

quote me notThe recently released project also features some remarkable samples which I’ll will be bringing to your notice, in case you missed them or just didn’t know where the inspo came from. Burna Boy’s compilation is an all encompassing range of different genres which he calls, Afro-fusion. His sample catalogue features some classics that you might have forgotten about or didn’t even know existed.

The African Giant samples mainly African artistes like; Magic System, Angelique Kidjo, and his undisputed hero Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. See list of songs he sampled;

african giant
Burna Boy Performs at Jimmy Kimmel
  1. “On The Low” (Track 16)

Without being told, the 2018-released single got its introduction – “Angeli- Angelina” – from Magic System’s “1er Gaou”‘s hook, “Nan guin nan wan, nan guin nan wan”.

“On The Low”

“1er Gaou” — Magic System

  1. “Anybody” (Track 2)

Showing his undying love for the legendary Angelique Kidjo once again who he also features on one of the standout singles on the album – “Different” – which also features Damian Marley. He sample Kidjo on “Anybody”, reshaping her 1992-released single “We We” in his verses.


“We We” – Angelique Kidjo

  1. “Pull Up” (Track 11)

This was the last single released before the album and it samples Kelly Roland’s “169 Aaaah!” synth, which appears on 00s collaboration with Nelly, the Grammy-winning “Dilemma”.

“Pull Up”

“169 Aaaah!” — Roland

  1. “Another Story” (Track 10)

The song opens with an audio clip and narration from Jide Olarenwaju’s informative documentary, “The History of Nigeria”. Burna Boy samples Stereoman’s “E Dey Pain Me” through the song’s catchy hook.

“Another Story”

“E Dey Pain Me Gaga” — Stereoman

  1. “Destiny” (Track 13)

Burna Boy samples, Jamaican artiste, Blak Ryno, who also delivers a skit on the album. His chorus on “Destiny” takes direct inspiration from Blak Ryno’s 2012 track “Diss Di Link”.


“Diss Di Link” — Blak Ryno

  1. “Collateral Damage” (Track 9)

This happens to be the song with the most samples off the “African Giant” album so we saved the best for last. To begin, Burna samples Naughty By Nature’s beat on “Jamboree” – which was originally created by mixing a percussion loop from Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1979 song, “On Your Face”, and horns from “I’m Always Dancin’ to the Music” by Benny Golson.

Kelly Handsome’s popular hit, “Like Play” has the catchy line “Na me day here”, which Burna borrows on this song, switching it to; “Na who dey here? Money dey here”. In the same verse, he also infuses Awilo Longomba’s Congolese chants on “Gate Le Coin”.

And then the “Oga kpata jpata of them all”, is the Fela sample on the song which he takes from his “Sorrow Tears & Blood” song, he sings “My people sef dey fear too much, we fear for the tin we no see”.

“Collateral Damage”

“Jamboree”— Naughty By Nature ft. Zhané

“Like Play” — Kelly Handsome

“Gate Le Coin” — Awilo Longomba

“Sorrow Tears & Blood” — Fela Kuti

You can now listen the “African Giant” again, armed with this new-found knowledge, you’re welcome!

Listen here

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