Journals Of Ettorah; A Plus Size Chick – “Feminism is a Woman acting like a Man.” ~ Anonymous

Continued from here. Journals Of Ettorah; A Plus Size Chick – “Feminism is a Woman acting like a Man.” ~ Anonymous

journals of ettorah a plus size chick fat nigerian tailors nysc body insecurities feminismIf there was ever an award for a concept so abused and mismanaged, I’d definitely nominate feminism in that category. How have we taken something so radical, revolutionary, aggressive and turned it into an idea to be constantly explained in the most lackadaisical manner to creatures who don’t think once blood floods their reproductive organ?

Why are you taking them so seriously?

This brings me to my destination.

Date :

“Is feminism not a western ideology?”

Looking up from my plate to be certain it wasn’t the gorgeous, enlightened, well traveled engineer on a date with me that was uttering such rubbish .

Me: “Can you expatiate?”

“ I seem to not understand what you’ve just said.”

Date: “Hmmm all I’m saying is feminism is an oyinbo thing, I can’t imagine why any African woman would want to be equal to a man.”

I kid you not but at this point the calamari had lost taste in my mouth and I stared at the simpleton who sat before me,  suddenly i was feeling all shades of disappointment with a dash of fatigue.

Me: “So you think millions of women all around the world are wearing the feminist placard on their foreheads because we want to be equal to men?”

The sarcasm in my voice was enough to fuel an entire episode of any sitcom!

Date: “Oh you’re one of them?”

“That’s interesting”

“Explain it from your angle”

He chipped in while stroking his disconnected beards feeling all cool with himself. Isn’t it funny how stupidity suddenly helps you see how unattractive a person is ?

Me: “Feminism is ensuring that women earn wages equal to their male counterparts in any field.”

“Feminism is advocating that women attaining high positions and offices of power becomes a normality.”

“Feminism insists that education is enforced on the girl child like it is enforced on the boy child.”

“Feminism is ensuring that women can drive cars and travel without male supervision.”

“Feminism will ensure my daughter knows  that this isn’t a ‘mans’ world but rather a human world.”

At this point he could see that brunch was ruined beyond redemption. Beckoning on a waiter to pack up my meal as a takeaway, I definitely will be enjoying this gloriousness at home in the comfort of my blanket and Netflix as a worthy companion.

Date: “You aren’t staying for dessert?”

Me: “I was going to be your dessert, but seeing that you don’t want the emancipation and liberation of my kind, you can make do with the chefs menu.”

Date: “Really you’re going to ruin all of this over a mere concept, why are all you Feminists so angry?”

Me: “Every 26 seconds a woman/child is raped. For every one rapist convicted, 20 go scot free.”

“Of course we are angry, aggressive and bitter, if you had any empathy you’d feel that way too.”

The silly grin on his face had been replaced with a sober look, my day was made. The waiter had returned with my takeout pack.

Walking away from that table felt liberating and empowering but I had just lost a great lay, oh well I just took one for the team!

“A luta continua vitória é certa” (The struggle continues, victory is certain).

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About Author:

My name is Ettorah, a plus size chick living in Lagos, trying to get a 9-5 while pushing my side hustles; a perfume store, freelance content developer gigs, a lifestyle blog and anything legit I think will make me ego (cash). Welcome to my journals of surviving and thriving in Lasgidi.

Instagram – @ettorah

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  1. Dear Ettorah,
    The way you write is so captivating.. I started at one nd I just keep looking for the next one . Every scene u have written so well that makes the imagination soooo easy and smooth… much love maami.

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