Social Media Influencer, Ekpiwhre Andrew (@drewbaba) for the first time shared details about the day he almost lost his life.

“All human things hang on a slender thread, the strongest fall with a sudden crash,” said Ovid, a Roman poet. The quote describes, aptly, Ekpiwhre Andrew ’s encounter with life in the evening of July 12th, 2019.

Ekpiwhre AndrewIt was sudden; a happening he has only blurry memory of. But it left him a visible dent figuratively, and literally.

We sat down with the social media influencer, Ekpiwhre Andrew, to talk through us the “crash”, and his journey to healing so far…

*Can we meet you, please?*

My name is Andrew Ekpiwhre, a social media influencer known as @Drewbaba. This time three months ago my life flashed before my eyes and I realised how fragile and little human life really was.

*How the day of the accident went?*

It was a regular Sunday, I hosted some friends at my house. Everyone went home. I took a drive out and next thing I found myself in the hospital

*What happened right before the accident?*

Still a blur.. I cannot actually recall.

*What caused the accident?*

According to eye witness reports, I ran into a street light, in Lekki and was told my car’s airbag severed my face.

*First aids?*

I was rushed to the hospital by a passerby, Mr. Lekan. Sadly, I was told I won’t be given first aid without a deposit of 50,000 naira. In my disoriented state I could still unlock my phone & Lekan put a call through to my sister.

Ekpiwhre Andrew*Fears upon noticing you had a severed face?*

First off, I couldn’t feel my face, I didn’t know what had happened. My family thought I was blind. I was in severe pain. All I remember saying was. “Can I see?, Where is my sister Emuobo, I want my sister. with hot tears rolling down my eyes”

P:S She was too scared to see me like that cause she thought the brother she once knew was no more.

*The journey to healing so far?*

Pains, dressing, more pains, depression. But I developed a strong mind and I lived everyday as it comes, all thanks to a strong family unit. They ensured they leave a smile on my face every time I was down.

*A reversal on surgery, how did that come about?*

It was unprecedented because the state of my face was graphic and gory (I constantly used emojis to cover a huge part for friends who can’t stand such sight) and, if not anything, it was screaming for a corrective surgery. But, I’ve been healing naturally contrary to what the doctors predicted and talks about a surgery have fizzled out for now.

Let’s say I serve a very big God.

*Work-life-recovery balance?*

I have a day job that hasn’t really suffered due to my condition and thanks to my colleagues. I’ve taken on several projects, and my health is progressing. I’m healing up pretty fast. All happening concurrently. I also have a new project and I will only reveal when the time is right.

Also, these past few months I’ve bonded well with my family – and I’ve learnt to appreciate them more – as, immediately, I had to leave my Lagos base to heal at my family’s in Warri. It was tough in the beginning but somehow, it’s been a bit balanced. Thank God.

*How has it altered your lifestyle?*

Working from my bed, instead of going to the office. And having to hide my fine face for three months is no mean feat.

Ekpiwhre Andrew*Any scares caused by your scars?*

I have never thought about myself as the finest of people, but the feeling that I might not get back to the face I had was traumatic. Now, I’m just grateful to God and those that have helped me get through this phase.

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