Reggae Star, Majek Fashek Down With Cancer Of The Neck

Reggae star, Majek Fashek down with Cancer of the Neck which has now spread to his Throat .

Majek Fashek and his manager Uzoma Day Omenka at Queens ElizabethHospital London

The Cancer Is rapidly spreading all over his body, and Majek is disoriented and currently in severe excruciating pains. .
According to our souce, he can’t talk no recognise anybody as Doctors are battling to save his life. He is currently bedridden and slowly Loosing his voice. .

#MajekFashek, has been in and out of one hospital or rehabilitation centre in recent times. In the past few weeks, he has been hospitalised at Queens Elizabeth Hospital, London for cancer. .

He got ill last month and was flown to London on August 24 after a brief admission at St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos. .

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