“Fresh” Out Of The Box: Doobai Upgrades Arsenal Of Freshness With New Antiperspirant Variants

In a world where people are encouraged to strive for greatness and sweat it out, while taking advantage of information and technology, it’s still true that levelling up starts with showing up, and showing up the right way. That’s why personal hygiene remains a top priority for Kates Associated Industries Limited, a personal care company that has stepped up to the challenge with the release of Doobai Antiperspirant Roll-on, available in six variants.

doobai roll-onDoobai Antiperspirant Roll-on keeps you fresh through your active lifestyle, up to 48 hours, so you can go further with confidence. It is available in six variants: Noir, Cheri, Bliss, Allure, Pearl, and Euphoria. Regardless of your personal preference and lifestyle, there is a Doobai Antiperspirant Roll-on made just for you!

“The Doobai Antiperspirant Roll-on range holds some of our best products within the Kates family. It’s not just another set of deodorants, but an arsenal of freshness,” says Akin Quadiri, head of marketing at Kates Associated Industries Limited. “We believe this line (Doobai) has something for everyone and that’s why we will continue to push all six variants of the product. So regardless of who you are or what you do, our job is to keep you feeling fresh while you focus on your day-to-day.”

Doobai Antiperspirant Roll-on is available in stores nationwide and can be purchased online via www.katesind.com.

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About Kates Associated Industries Limited

Kates Associated Industries Limited is a provider of a wide range of personal hygiene products, committed to delighting consumers with the very best of personal care products. With focus on quality and continuous innovation, Kates Associated Industries Limited’s mission is to provide consumers with products that satisfy their needs for personal grooming at pocket-friendly prices.

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