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everything fashion Manliness In A Easy To Reach OutfitThe need for Manliness In A Easy To Reach Outfit: While I try to still give justification to the impeccable dynamism in dressing, you should be conversant with a common phrase by now that state: it is not about looking your best, but it is definitely feeling good about how you feel in the dress you wear. wink!

Speaking of dress, it is not “rockable” without the help of shoes right? Oh yes!

In current fashion, shoes and clothes are full assemble that cannot be separated from each other; one will always compliment the other.

A shoe in an outfit is not only a colored design, but it’s a part of a body language; which goes further to relate to the way you walk, act, and gesticulate. Ahaha… Also, the way you are going to move is quite directed by your shoes, just like a man in navy suit will walk systematically in a brown Cap-toe-oxford shoe, to keep a perfect laying of the jacket vent and lapel. Trust me, the way you smile when you look this dapper is eccentric!

If you don’t get the shoe right, you cannot get the walk right. Ahaha keep reading…

Just like it takes numerous bus stops to travel from Yaba to Eko idumota, there are steps, stages and a lot of “must-do” that needs to be met before arriving at a “i-look-perfect-for-the-day kind of outfit”.

Upon stating some facts the way I see them, as I travelled from Yaba to Idumota to shop for fashion apparels, I discovered that people fail to acknowledge a fact that “good shoes and a stylish blend With daily-easy-to-reach outfit like a nicker and polo take  you to good places” oh yes!

Good shoes may take you to good places but when those magical shoes are blended with a great outfit, it will not only take you to good places but make a complete look a force to reckon with. Smiles…

Is your knowledge about Nicker and polo justifiable and sufficient… read on to know more!

Do you know what shorts are in style.., how cargo shorts suppose to fit.., if polo shirts are to be buttoned up.., if you can wear crew socks with shorts.., how short should shorts be.., should you wear undershirt under polo?

I promise to leave you excited!

Shorts are a casual modern addition to a man’s wardrobe, thus are still finding acceptance in the men’s world as some men see it as highly revealing.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there were a number of english words for shortened men’s pants:“Knickerbockers” were  baggy pants that gathered below the knee while Shorter, tighter-fitting trousers that ended at the knee were termed “knee pants” and sometimes meant shorter garments still. Enough!!! Lol.

Speaking of when to wear shorts, there are factors to be considered daily…

  • When the temperature, environment, and location give you a good reason to.
  • When you’re not conducting a business meeting or attending a formal ceremony/event.

(Consider this factors and remain stylified! Ahahaha…)


Style guide:-

Solid colors such as tan, khaki, white, navy, olive, black and off-white are the most traditional style-shade for men’s shorts while green, yellow, pitch, red, space ash, powder blue, white, cream, off white, and black, are the most traditional women fit shorts.

From me to you…

  • Men’s shorts do not look manly if it is skin tight. Make sure there’s a little wiggle room between the fabric and your skin, to create a fitted and comfortable scene in the general look.

The more fitted it is, the better??

  • You look better when you lock one button for a easy- to- reach outfit like a nicker and polo. One is usually good. Having all of them buttoned-up changes the look of the shirt from “Awesome” to “I don’t look like I do”.
  • Yes, it’s okay to wear socks; even high socks with shorts. It creates a swanky look and it is wearable for parties, sit out, and even strolling of course.
  • Getting the length of your shorts right is about personal judgement but if your whole thighs are on show, even if they’re perfectly toned, you’re probably going a little too short. Anywhere between two and four inches above the knee is the perfect length for a tailored pair of shorts.
  • In general, loafers are the least casual type of shoe that men usually wear with shorts. I recommend rocking tassel Belgian loafers, and opting for more casual options such as: suede penny loafers and trainers.
  • Shorts are getting shorter for men in 2019 as the weather keep wavering from cold to hot.

Follow my public announcement– Never, Ever, Wear a Shorter Short Shorts. PERIOD!!!

  • If you ever feel the need to wear an undershirt under your polo, make sure it is not revealing.

Manliness In A Easy To Reach Outfit – Food for thought: Is a mans wardrobe complete without a easy-to-reach outfit?

About Author:

My name is Tosan Koyé and I am a FASHION PRACTITIONER based in Lagos. Just like people practice law, I practice fashion and style. My dream is to make the unimaginable imaginary, through the brands I influence.

Instagram/Twitter : @naija_genius. Facebook: @koyestyle

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