Watch The Third Short Film From The 2019 Accelerate Filmmaker Project – “Scar”


It’s no denial that self esteem is extremely important in the life of everyone. Scar explores the life of a reclusive lady, who is tasked with making a pitch fir a client at work. We are introduced to a side of her that shows the level of psychological torture she has suffered over the years. She is faced with a tough decision, to either go ahead with the presentation or lose her job.

Written and directed by Miriam Dera, Scar is one of the films by the Top 5 finalist of this year’s filmmaker project initiative and is also already garnering recognition as it was named The Best Accelerate Filmmaker short film of 2019 at the 9th edition of the African International Film Festival. 

Watch here:


All short films from the 2019 Accelerate filmmaker project drop every Monday in December.

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