How To Win At Life: Steal Koffee’s Grammy Award Winning Sauce And Apply It To Your Life

Two days ago, 27th of January 2020, 19 year old Jamaican reggae artiste, Koffee won her first Grammy award; becoming the youngest person and only woman to be awarded in the Best Reggae Album category. 

Koffee Grammy Award ReggaeThe question on the minds and lips of people worldwide, especially those just heard of her for the first time after she won the award, is ‘how did she do it, what’s her secret sauce’?

Admittedly, before now I only listened to ‘Toast’ religiously off her album, Rapture. It’s hook and overall message struck a chord with me – Gratitude is a must.

And that must be her secret sauce, GRATITUDE. From her demeanour on social media and her music, you can tell she is one with a grateful and optimistic outlook on life, even though she didn’t have the best of childhoods.

From her Wikipedia page, she was raised in a Christian home – Seventh Day Adventist and her ‘first musical inspirations stemmed from her mother’s religious background. She sang in her church choir, taught herself guitar at age 12 on an instrument borrowed from a friend, and began writing lyrics inspired by listening to reggae singer Protoje.’

Listening to ‘W’ featuring Gunna, you’ll realise it has the same theme, ‘Everything we do, we give thanks. Tell them how we do, low the L and take the W!’

If you believe in God and the Laws of Attraction which is the very principle every great person is believed to have followed – Ask, Believe & Receive – you will agree with me that Koffee, making gratitude her default mood, is proof that gratitude truly attracts that which you are grateful for.

As Rhonda Byrne once said, ‘Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things.’ Take a page from Koffee’s book and learn to stay positive and grateful, cultivate the attitude called gratitude.


If you want to learn more about the laws of attraction, you can watch ‘The Secret’ on Netflix. Thank me later.

Written By: Ibrahim ‘UnilagOlodo’ Salawu

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